Our Services

Inovatec Business Systems is organized into two divisions which offer distinct products
and services to our clients but also work together to create innovation in the business processes.

BAFS Division

The Business Advisory and Financial Services (BAFS) Division – offers the following services;

Business Advisory Services

Offering relevant support and advice to our clients after examining the relevant legal, tax, finance, market and risks factors involved to start up a business or making new changes to the business

Business and Strategic Plans

A process of Business Strategic Planning that ensures that the plan is something that everyone in the organization can own and is motivated to implement.

Personal Finance Consultancy

Personal finance consultancy training for all levels of employees. We offer both individualized consulting and group training.

Accounting and Tax Services

The service involves preparing and submitting many obligatory documents required by authorities associated with business practice.

Auditing and Secretarial Services

We offer auditing and secretarial services at affordable rates while you focus on the core task of your business.

ICT Division

The Information Communications and Technologies Supply and Support (ICT) division offers the following services;;

Hardware Preventive Maintenance

We service computer hardware including desktop computer systems, Laptop/Tablet systems, Server systems, Printers and Ups systems.

Software Support

Inovatec Business Systems will offer you software support that will enable you regain control of your IT resource and put it back to work for your business.

ICT Policy formulation

An ICT policy developed by Inovatec Business Systems in consultation with you is a product geared towards helping you understand, use and maintain your IT infrastructure in a cost effective way, and promising good returns in the future.

Network Design, Setup and Installation

At Inovatec Business Systems we guide you through the computer networking process regardless of your business to enable sharing of information as well other IT resources which bring other benefits, including increased productivity and reduced cost.

Supply and installation of IT hardware and software

We supply a wide range of computer hardware including desktops, laptops, printers, servers, UPSs, networking equipment and other computing peripherals.

Internet, E-mail and Web Solutions

Inovatec Business Systems helps you to navigate the maze of internet solutions and technology jargon to get you a solution suitable for your specific needs.

Vision and Mission

To become a highly sought – after Business, Financial Advisory and ICT solution provider in Kenya.

Our Values

Our Management

Our management team comprises of outstanding individuals in the field of Accounting,
Finance, ICT and general management with over 20 years of experience working in world
class organizations. It is this experience that we bring to the benefit of our clients.